Newsletter | February 20, 2019

02.20.19 -- 5 Omnichannel Plays Retailers Must Improve To Stay Competitive

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Retail Technology Report Reveals Trends And Buying Behaviors
White Paper | Radial

Total Retail surveyed its retail executive audience to understand current and future retail technology trends and buying behaviors. The results show that, while innovative retail technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, chatbots (i.e., artificial intelligence), and drones get a lot of media attention for how they’re going to disrupt the industry, it’s more basic solutions like marketing automation software, video, and mobile websites that currently have retailers’ attention.

Premium American Brand Saves Millions In NAFTA Duties
Case Study | Amber Road

As an American icon creating and selling home maintenance products across North America, Canada is this company’s primary export market, so leveraging the NAFTA trade agreement was very important. The company saw a need to reduce time at the border, lower duties, and create efficiency by replacing an outdated, manual approach.

5 Omni-Channel Plays Retailers Must Improve To Stay Competitive
Guest Column | By Chris Sheehan, Applause

Retailers not only need a strategy, but a means to continually evaluate, test, and refine their omni-channel experience across all channels. Here are the five key areas in which they can improve the omni-channel experience.

In Case You Missed It
Retail Predictions For Boosting In-Store Sales
Guest Column | By Mat Brogie, Repsly

We’ve all heard it before: If you can’t innovate, you’ll get disrupted. While there’s no magic crystal ball that will help retailers predict the future, there are expert opinions on what needs to be done to stay relevant in 2019. Here we’ll explore the top trends shaping the retail landscape in 2019 and how each of them has the potential to drive in-store sales.

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