Newsletter | August 21, 2019

08.21.19 -- 5 Ways To Prevent Walkaways At Retail Stores

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Exploring The State Of The Retailer’s Warehouse
Guest Column | By Valentyn Kropov, AVP, Client Success at SoftServe

Discovering methods for warehouse and supply chain optimization is vital for the future of retail. 

Outsmart E-Commerce Giants To Win Online Shoppers
E-Book | Radial

In this eBook, we explore what more than 4,000 consumers across four different regions of the world value in their online experience, where opportunity exists, and how brands and retailers can execute to ensure that they maintain a competitive position as the industry continues to rapidly transform.

5 Ways To Prevent Walkaways At Retail Stores
Article | By Emmanuel Wreh, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Long checkout lanes, disorganized shelves, and hard-to-find products lead to frustrated shoppers. And when customers get frustrated, they often give up on a store and walk out, especially if there’s no associate around to help them.

In Case You Missed It
3 Ways To Prepare Your E-Commerce Company Before A Potential Amazon Breakup
Guest Column | By Fang Cheng, Linc Global

Businesses looking to carve out a niche for themselves might have some of the work done for them if the government chooses to break up Amazon. The question will be figuring out how to fill the vacuum the e-commerce leviathan leaves behind.