Newsletter | February 14, 2018

02.14.18 -- 6 Global Supply Chain Trends To Watch For This Year

Featured Editorial
Gender Pay Equity In Retail: A Long Way To Go
Guest Column | By Natasha Lamb, Arjuna Capital

The Saturday Night Live "Gap Girls" skit spoofing a day in the life of retail workers was right on target then and, unfortunately, remains all too much on point now two decades later. There have been some encouraging signs recently that the retail industry is moving ahead on gender pay equity, but there is still a long way for the sector to go.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Top 10 Retailer Reaps Big Benefits From New Battery Solution For Mobile Devices
Case Study | By Global Technology Systems, Inc.

A well-known, Top 10 retailer was experiencing significant problems with its voice and data (bar code scanners and printers) mobile devices in its scores of distribution centers and thousands of stores nationwide. It no longer needs to worry about its mobile batteries or chargers as they now have a complete, holistic solution.

Why Parcel Lockers Are A Retailer's Secret Weapon
Article | By ProShip, Inc.

When you think of parcel lockers, you probably think of lockers found at apartment buildings and condominiums. Even Amazon has launched parcel lockers into the residential industry. But this innovative, final-mile delivery method can also be a secret weapon for retailers.

How Retailers Can Overcome Omni-Channel Supply Chain Challenges
A conversation with Greg Holder of Compliance Networks

Retailers face daunting and complex challenges with regard to their omni-channel supply chains. There are countless reasons why retailers can't go it alone. Compliance Networks' Greg Holder spoke with Retail Supply Chain Insights about how to overcome the challenges facing omni-channel supply chains and vendor compliance optimization programs.

Is Your M-Commerce Strategy Ready For The Shift In Mobile Payments?
Article | By OPEX Corporation

At a time when more consumers are carrying less cash, and plastic payment has taken a step back in convenience with the launch of chip-and-pin transactions, mobile payment offerings are a smart way for retailers to provide a better way to allow customers to pay, and to increase the customer experience at the same time.

6 Global Supply Chain Trends To Watch For This Year
White Paper | By Amber Road

After years of stagnation, trade has been soaring this year as an upturn across major global economies picks up momentum and raises hopes that retail is ready to improve. Political unrest, numerous additions, and a myriad of ever-increasing regulatory requirements have added another layer of distress. As we move through 2018, companies with global supply chains should keep their eyes and ears open for these six primary concerns.

In Case You Missed It
White Paper | By Ranjit Notani, One Network Enterprises

Can blockchain revolutionize the supply chain? To really answer this question, we need to understand what exactly blockchain is and what it brings to the table. Along the way we will introduce a more nuanced way of looking at blockchain and introduce some new concepts, ideas, and taxonomy that will provide a conceptual framework to better answer this question.

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