Newsletter | September 4, 2019

09.04.19 -- Age Is Just A Number: Managing A Multigenerational Workforce

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Implementing A POS System: What Your Staff Should Know
Article | By Bob Daugs, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

While shopping for a POS system takes a lot of research and the right investment, one of the most important parts of getting a new POS system is implementing it into your current operations. Once you’ve introduced your system to your business, it’s essential to train your staff and make sure they know how to make the best of its capabilities.

How Hibbett Sports Transformed Into A Giant Online
Case Study | Radial

Hibbett began planning its first ever online shop, but quickly realized it lacked critical expertise. To manage its transformation into an online giant, Hibbett sought guidance and expertise to make its technological and operational evolution a success.

Age Is Just A Number: Managing A Multigenerational Workforce
Guest Column | By Pamela Williams and Lariza Hebert, Fisher Phillips

While, to many people, age only matters when it comes to wine and cheese, it is without doubt that age is becoming more of an issue in the workplace.

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How To Manage Chargebacks To Boost Profits
White Paper | Radial

Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality of a retail business and can be devastating to your bottom line. Read on for everything you need to know to streamline the entire chargeback process, including smart fraud management, reducing fraud, clear policies, and informed intelligence.

How Automation Substantially Reduces Retailers’ Cash Costs
Article | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

If there’s any doubt about the impact of cash management solutions on the cost structure of retailers, consider this recent finding by IHL Group: Replacing manual processes with automation technology can save retailers an average of 200 to 500 labor hours monthly per store.