Newsletter | June 6, 2018

06.06.18 -- Blockchain For Supply Chain: Ghost In The Machine Or Breakthrough Technology?

Featured Editorial
GDPR: It's Not Too Late To Comply
Guest Column | By Steve Weil, Point B

Despite having two years to prepare, many organizations are still struggling with how to appropriately and reasonably comply with GDPR, all the while fielding questions from customers and business partners about their GDPR compliance. EU data protection regulators are soon likely to begin taking action against organizations they believe are not complying with GDPR, so how can your organization appropriately and reasonably comply?

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Blockchain For Supply Chain: Ghost In The Machine Or Breakthrough Technology?
White Paper | By Amber Road

There is no doubt that this building-block approach, when properly repurposed, can have powerful applications in the field of global trade.

7 Ways The Right Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Will Accelerate Growth
E-Book | By ProShip, Inc.

Everything about retail is accelerating; it's an instant-everything world, and customers want their deliveries ASAP. If you've lost customers due to delivery speed or cost, it's time to make a change.

Why Retail Supply Chain Transformations Fail (And How You Can Beat The Odds)
Article | By OPEX Corporation

There's no small list of retailers who are struggling to keep up with the Amazon effect, but a closer look at why some fail and others prevail should give retailers who are willing to embrace change some hope.

In Case You Missed It
4 Key Investment Areas For Retail Supply Chain Technology
Magazine Article | By Brian Albright, contributing writer

Retailers are poised to make major supply chain technology investments in the coming year, with omni-channel and personalization efforts affecting how those investments are targeted. Those investments will include better inventory optimization and planning tools, data analytics, and in-store technologies that can help enhance the overall customer experience.

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