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04.24.19 -- Bridging The Gap Between Data And The UI

Featured Editorial
What Is Omni-Channel Interaction And Why Does It Matter In Customer Service?
Guest Column | By Basabdutta Chakraborty

Today’s customers are constantly moving from channel to channel and device to device as they interact with retailers. An omni-channel strategy is what accomplishes this goal and enables customers to resume any interaction, at any time, from any channel of their choice.

Bridging The Gap Between Data And The UI
Guest Column | By Jon Vivers, SHOP.COM

Shoppers have become increasingly tech savvy and reliant upon their digital devices, and they seek efficiency, independence, and personalization when determining from which site they make their final purchases. While users are not interested in dealing with in-store sales associates, a good portion of shoppers like a personal touch that reflects their history with a brand and want product recommendations based on past purchases.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Omnichannel Offers Retailers A Way To Compete
Article | By Nigel Ball, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

As retailers large and small contend with the disruptive force that is Amazon, they’re looking into various ways to deliver a unique omnichannel experience. The omnichannel combines physical stores with mobile apps, websites and social media to create a consistent experience for customers as they switch between channels to interact with a retailer.

In Case You Missed It
Driving Retail Sales And Loss Prevention Through Technology
Guest Column | By Nolan Wheeler, SYNQ

In the modern world of retail, organizations were struggling to finance quality loss prevention technologies, so we identified an opportunity to integrate media, data, and merchandizing into one technology. With this innovation we enabled companies to more easily invest in our solution because it covered needs in loss prevention and marketing departments at the same time.

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