Brochure | January 11, 2018

Brochure: Risk & Quality Management

Source: Amber Road
Amber Road

Amber Road’s Risk & Quality Management solution provides brand manufacturers and retailers the ability to accurately determine that all trading partners are in compliance with regulatory requirements and standards defined for product safety and quality that reflect the importance of the brand. The solution is based on supply chain collaboration business processes delivered in a cloud-based platform that spans from product concept to delivery. Through multi- enterprise integration, visibility and collaboration tools, retailers, brands and the multiple tiers of global trading partners can:

  • Improve global supply chain adaptability and responsiveness when dealing with supply chain vulnerabilities through management-by-exception reporting and views into key milestones
  • Streamline test and audit requests with pre-built connections for all of the major testing and auditing companies. Data integration with some of the leading testing and audit companies is already in place; including WRAP, Oeko-Tex, Bureau Veritas, UL, SGS, Asia Inspection, and Intertek
  • Leverage a supply chain collaboration platform connecting over 20,000 factories, suppliers, brands and retailers providing visibility from brand to N-Tier level suppliers