Case Study

Burlington Coat Taps Supply Chain Solution To Achieve Vendor Collaboration Strategy

Source: Compliance Networks


Among the issues Burlington Coat Factory encountered with vendors' shipments were improper merchandise packing; misprinted packing slips; improper style, color and size substitutions; damaged goods and late shipments. These trouble shipments had to be removed from the normal processing flow, and additional staff, space and resources were required to resolve the problems.

Such critical issues were preventing the company from achieving its strategic plan of reducing costs while maintaining or improving service levels. BCF realized the only way to resolve these issues was to collaborate more effectively with its vendors. The company sought a technology solution that would automate and streamline the process.

The Solution
BCF partnered with Compliance Networks to implement the Retail Compliance Management Solution (rCMS). The solution, which was implemented throughout BCF's entire distribution system, immediately illuminated an array of vendor routing, shipping and packaging violations. With the increased visibility that rCMS provided for monitoring and managing shipment problems, Burlington Coat Factory began improving flow to its stores for distribution center shipments – a critical requirement for achieving its goals.

 Submitted by Compliance Networks