Newsletter | March 20, 2019

03.20.19 -- Changing Consumer Shopping And Delivery Behaviors -- Insights And Recommendations

Featured Editorial
How Blockchain Fits In A Retail Supply Chain
Article | By Deborah Weinswig, Fung Global Retail & Technology

While challenges are significant and may take time to resolve, retail stands to be greatly improved by the application of blockchain technology. Particular security concerns such as the risks associated with operating centralized databases, the risk of third parties counterfeiting branded goods, and supply chain opacity all have an answer in blockchain technology. Looking further into supply chain, it can also help to resolve incompatible databases across different supply chain nodes.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Retailers Identify Keys To Successful Retail Delivery
White Paper | Radial

Consumer preferences are constantly evolving. As a result, retail delivery professionals are adopting technologies and best practices that support a seamless, streamlined experience at every customer touchpoint in the supply chain.

How To Change Consumer's Shopping And Delivery Behaviors
Guest Column | By Bruce Fair, MetaPack

North American consumers are exhibiting a shift in their shopping and delivery behaviors and preferences. What are the implications for e-commerce players? Following are additional insights and recommendations regarding what retailers can do to address consumers’ evolving desires and requirements to help drive conversions and customer loyalty.

In Case You Missed It
Urban Warehouses: The Key To Omni-Channel Success
Guest Column | By Andrew Chung, Innovo Property Group

New, urban warehouses are the key to better serve today’s customers and enable retailers to keep up with the demands of the future.

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