Newsletter | September 26, 2018

09.26.18 -- Do You Know Your Cyberattack Response Plan?

Featured Editorial
Do You Know Your Cyberattack Response Plan?
Guest Column | By Rick Olson, retail consultant

Most companies are prepared for daily disruptions and able to immediately address these instances without much thought. But is your team equipped to handle bigger challenges? Do they have a plan for a power outage that spans several hours, days, or even weeks? Expand that thinking to vendor partners. How will vendors maintain their service to you, their customer? In other words, what is your company’s internal business continuity plan, or vendor plan, in the event of a cyberattack?

Retail Supply Chain Insights
How Digitization Creates A Strong Value Chain
E-Book | By Amber Road

The current business environment can be characterized by constant change, shorter product lifecycles, and increased demand uncertainty. As these conditions have become the norm, companies and researchers alike have turned to the concept of agility in their quest for a sustainable source of competitive advantage. Consequently, supply chain agility has emerged as the dominant competitive vehicle for organizations operating in such an uncertain and ever-changing business environment.

Robots Threatening Millions Of Jobs? Not When It Comes To Parcel Packaging
Article | By ProShip, Inc.

As companies search for solutions to overcome the labor crisis, parcel packaging is one of the fulfillment processes that continually gets overlooked. However, in reality, this step can be the most manual and labor-intensive part of the formula. To stay competitive, companies must investigate parcel packaging solutions that lead to higher overall cost-savings and better efficiencies.

In Case You Missed It
Inside Amazon's Leadership Principles And Methodologies
Article | By Erin Harris

Amazon's customers expect more selection and choice coupled with compelling value, and they're always going to want things faster than they did yesterday. These are the fundamentals that force Alexis DePree, VP global supply chain, customer fulfillment at Amazon, to evaluate her team's performance to determine what can be done differently and better for the customer. Here, DePree explains how her leadership style helps her team operate the e-commerce giant's complex logistics empire.

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