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06.20.18 -- False Positives: The Monster That's Really Killing You And How To Survive

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Retailers Cut Transformative Deals
Guest Column | By John Potter, PwC

Consumer markets just experienced a record-breaking year for deal-making in terms of total deal value and volume. While that activity paints a positive economic outlook for the retail industry, what is more telling — and even inspiring — is some of retail's deals surrounding analytics, tech, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Infographic: How Shipping Software Goes Beyond the Box
Article | By ProShip, Inc.

Shipping isn't just about getting a package to a customer's front steps anymore, and companies are not only investing in their shipping strategy because it saves them money — it goes beyond the box.

6 POS Industry Trends To Watch
Article | By Mark J. Olson, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

With a new year under way, it's a good time to consider the major trends affecting retail where much disruption is taking place thanks to the adoption of new technologies and the ongoing battle between online and brick-and-mortar players. Here are the major trends to watch in 2018.

False Positives: The Monster That's Really Killing You And How To Survive
White Paper | By Radial

E-commerce fraud professionals battle their versions of Freddy Krueger, Norman Bates, Michael Meyers, and Jason Voorhees head-on every day. And, when it comes to fraud, they often slay the monster. But, while many have their eyes focused on the threat in front of them, they can't see the real danger — the bigger danger — lurking in the shadows.

In Case You Missed It
#MeToo And You: Preventing And Investigating Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
Guest Column | By Susan Bassford Wilson, Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete (St. Louis)

#MeToo — a viral hashtag that has become a rallying point for people denouncing sexual harassment and assault. If you're wondering what you as an employer need to do to prevent and address sexual harassment at your company, read on!

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