Case Study

Footwear Manufacturer Increases Fill Rates 10-15%

Source: Amber Road
Supply Chain Software Market

In business for more than 100 years, this footwear manufacturer supplies athletic footwear in both retail and wholesale environments providing products for men, women and kids. Their production facilities are located in the U.S., United Kingdom, China and Vietnam. With stores and distribution markets located around the world, they are a global presence with annual revenues exceeding $3 billion. Much of their recent sales growth has taken place outside the U.S. with international revenues up more than 25% a year.

This company is known for creating high-quality products and product innovation remains a key area of focus to maintain a fresh assortment of products. They have highly recognizable brands focused on the running, hockey, lacrosse and soccer markets. In addition, their corporate goals include growing international business profitably while seeking economical and sustainable areas for production and sourcing.