News | November 15, 2023

Gala Foods Deploys eGrowcery Platform To Grow Online Sales And Enhance Shopper Engagement

Bridgeport, CT & Bloomfield Hills, MI (BUSINESS WIRE) - Gala Foods, a full supermarket banner with on-site butchers, bakery, full deli, pharmacy, flower shop and hot food, has one of its ownership groups upgrading its online shopping experience and has chosen eGrowcery, developer of the leading retail food industry eCommerce platform for grocers, as its digital partner for the future. Gala Foods is offering online shopping for customer pick up or delivery beginning at the Bridgeport, CT location.

“Our customers want to us be a modern retailer and that means offering them every option for shopping. eGrowcery helps us provide our quality products to shoppers demanding the convenience of ordering online and either picking up at the store or having it delivered to their home,” said Carlos Pena, President of Gala Foods, Bridgeport, CT. “It’s very important to us to retain and grow our online shopper base, and eGrowcery truly partners us to do this and even further, supports our operations with a level of fulfillment technology we have never had before.”

eGrowcery, which operates both in the United States and abroad, is seeing an increasing number of retailers transition off of other eCommerce platforms to the company’s white-label platform.

“We are helping Gala Foods create of a vibrant online shopping site that digital brings to life their in- store experience. Our team is actively collaborating with the Gala team to develop and customize the optimal platform for the retailer and its customers,” said Patrick Hughes, CEO of eGrowcery. “We expect them to quickly see an increase in sales and a reduction in operating expenses.”

About Gala Food
Gala Foods, the esteemed leader in Latin American, Hispanic, and Caribbean products, has carved a remarkable path in the grocery industry, bringing the vibrant flavors of home right here to the heart of the United States. What began as a modest bodega in Queens, New York, founded by the visionary Peña family, has blossomed into a supermarket empire dedicated to providing an exceptional food shopping experience to its community. Gala Foods proudly caters to a diverse and international customer base, reflecting its mission to bridge the gap between cultural roots and new environments.

With four decades of unwavering commitment, Gala Foods has flourished well beyond its roots in Queens, now boasting a presence in 24 supermarkets across five states. While our core values of quality, service, and community engagement remain unaltered, our customer base has expanded exponentially, illustrating the insatiable appetite for the genuine tastes of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Hispanic world. Gala Foods is poised for continued growth, driven by our steadfast dedication to nurturing our presence, forging lasting partnerships and providing vital support to the communities we serve.

About eGrowcery
eGrowcery is the market-leading, white-label, SaaS based eCommerce solution designed to service grocery retailers. The eGrowcery platform is a true end-to-end, omnichannel solution that integrates with back-office/point of sale systems while enabling retailers to personalize their own shopper experience. Serving companies in the US and abroad, eGrowcery empowers retailers with the ability to personalize their shopping experience while providing the most efficient in-store fulfillment solution in the industry.

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