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04.03.19 -- How Crowdsourced Delivery Will Change The Game For Retailers

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A New Approach To Handling Cash: Cash-As-A-Service
Case Study | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Thanks to the rapid expansion of e-commerce and Amazon, there is no doubt that a range of new card payment options are on the rise. At the same time, retailers are still handling enormous amounts of cash daily because cash remains by far the most commonly used payment method by shoppers throughout the world. In the Euro zone, for example, cash was the main payment choice for purchases under €45, which accounted for 91 percent of all POS payments.

How Crowdsourced Delivery Will Change The Game For Retailers
Guest Column | By Valerie Metzker, Roadie

Historically, retailers have turned to employees or contractors to handle delivery across the supply chain. But that trend may end, or at the very least, be subsidized with a new type of home delivery service: crowdsourced shipping.

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The Virtual Marketplace Is Changing The Age-Old Rules Of Commerce
Guest Column | By Blake Zalcberg, president of OFM

There is something almost quaint about the word “marketplace.” It conjures up images of people hawking spices and fruit from busy stalls as pedestrians stroll past in a leisurely manner. Those days are almost entirely gone. Today’s consumers typically aren’t at a bazaar. Nor are they headed to a row of small shops on Main Street or driving out to the large suburban mall to window shop. Instead, an ever-increasing amount of the time, they are online.

How Warehouse Technology Improves The Online Shopping Experience
Guest Column | By Angela Myers, Market America | SHOP.COM

In the age of e-commerce, customers expect their products to be delivered quickly and with accuracy. Staying up to date on supply chain management technology can be the gap between fulfilling orders at an average rate and delivering orders at the quick pace your customers crave.

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