Newsletter | June 19, 2019

06.19.19 -- How Londis Convenience Stores Eradicated Cash Shrinkage

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Order Management: The Backbone Of Omni-Channel
Article | By Matt Pillar

We’re moving rapidly toward an all-out revolution at the POS: A throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater, wholesale rip-and-replace of the transaction systems we’ve known since the advents of POS, ERP (enterprise resource planning), and e-commerce.

Order Consolidation Reduces Packaging Waste And Costs While Improving Customer Experience
Guest Column | By Susan Pichoff, GS1 US

With the retail landscape growing more competitive by the day, retailers need a robust strategy for omni-channel sales to grow. Consumers want the flexibility to buy online or in store. They demand fast delivery at a good price; shipping fees are a big turnoff. And they’re critical of seemingly excessive, wasteful packaging.

How Londis Convenience Stores Eradicated Cash Shrinkage
Case Study | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Theft is one of the retail world’s biggest challenges, especially in the independent convenience sector where stores are often manned by a handful of people that are not equipped with the latest security gizmos. In fact, nearly half of retailers (49 percent) have experienced theft of cash from their premises. This hurts businesses and their customers because merchants often have to pass on these losses by raising prices. With cash management solutions, businesses can fight back against theft and achieve an advantage over competitors.

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Why Demand For In-Store Pickup Is On The Rise
White Paper | Radial

Radial surveyed 3,000 consumers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada to better understand issues relating to e-commerce order fulfillment and delivery. The results found that consumers are raising questions about a variety of fulfillment-related issues including the cost, speed, reliability, and eco-friendliness of the fulfillment process.