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05.02.18 -- How Retailers Win In The Age Of Amazon

Featured Editorial
The Virtual Marketplace Is Changing The Age-Old Rules Of Commerce
Guest Column | By Blake Zalcberg, OFM

There is something almost quaint about the word "marketplace." It conjures up images of people hawking spices and fruit from busy stalls as pedestrians stroll past in a leisurely manner. Those days are almost entirely gone. Today's consumers typically aren't at a bazaar. Nor are they headed to a row of small shops on Main Street or driving out to the large suburban mall to window shop. Instead, an ever-increasing amount of the time, they are online.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Quality Is In The Sole For This Footwear Company
Case Study | By Amber Road

There's no business like shoe business for this company that operates both a retail segment and private label brand operation. The retail side runs over 1,045 value-priced family footwear stores in the U.S. and Guam, 159 other stores in the U.S. and Canada selling natural comfort style shoes, and a growing number of shoe stores in China. The company also sells shoes online and licenses two major name brand footwear product lines.

7 Ways To Know If Your Vendor Delivers Partner Value
Article | By APG Cash Drawer, LLC

POS resellers are essential to a vendor's strategy to target its products to the right market. Without the benefit of channel partnerships, vendors would be hard-pressed to gain brand mindshare.

Buy In Bulk: Retailers That Keep Thriving
Article | By Riversand Technologies

One category of enterprises that managed to survive the latest disruptions in retail are wholesale companies, shops focused on selling goods in bulk to large families (and individuals) and small businesses. The most prominent examples are Costco, Sam's Club, and PriceSmart. With smart investment in PIM solutions, all three were able to increase their revenue at a time of general market downturn.

How Retailers Win In The Age Of Amazon
A conversation with Matt Mullen, ProShip

Amazon started online — they understood they only had three customer touchpoints, so that is all they thought about. They designed their business model so that the limited touchpoints they had were designed to delight the customer — how many physical retailers that are now doing business online can say the same?

In Case You Missed It
Is Retail Out Of The Woods?
Guest Column | By Keith Jelinek, Rick Maicki, Rich Vitaro, and Christopher Ventry; Berkeley Research Group

The continuing evolution of shoppers creates new demands on retailers that impact all aspects of the business, from stores to backstage operations to information technology and supply chain capabilities — including home delivery. The disruption continues to drive concern with investors, creditors, industry analysts, and — most of all — companies themselves.

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