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07.05.18 -- How The Digital Revolution Is Helping Replace Aging Trucks

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How The Digital Revolution Is Helping Replace Aging Trucks
Guest Column | By Brian Holland, Fleet Advantage

Many industry firms made purchase orders of trucks en masse and drove them for anywhere between five and 10 years of service, or even longer, as a way to squeeze every penny out of the truck's usage. However, what firms of all sizes are beginning to realize is that this acquisition strategy is not as cost-effective compared to operating trucks at a shorter lifecycle.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
How Vendor Compliance Improves Supply Chain Performance
A conversation with Compliance Networks' Greg Holder

Vendor compliance programs detect compliance problems and ultimately prevent them altogether, which has a critical impact on the supply chain. We connected with Greg Holder, CEO and founder of Compliance Networks, to learn more about how vendor compliance improves supply chain performance. Here's what he had to say.

How Fulfillment Forecasting Improves Distributed Order Management
Article | By Radial

Most retailers use demand-forecasting methods that fail to provide insight into how consumers choose to have orders fulfilled. Download this report from Gartner Research for insights into order fulfillment forecasting and optimal inventory positioning using distributed order management (DOM) systems.

6 Tips For Reducing Warehouse Downtime
Article | By OPEX Corporation

Revenue loss doesn't only occur when IT systems fail or equipment breaks; long transit times and inefficient workflows are significant contributors to wasted time and costly delays. No matter where your warehouse/DC falls in the downtime cost-per-hour spectrum, taking proactive steps to improve productivity is a no-brainer. 

In Case You Missed It
GDPR: It's Not Too Late To Comply
Guest Column | By Steve Weil, Point B

Despite having two years to prepare, many organizations are still struggling with how to appropriately and reasonably comply with GDPR, all the while fielding questions from customers and business partners about their GDPR compliance. EU data protection regulators are soon likely to begin taking action against organizations they believe are not complying with GDPR, so how can your organization appropriately and reasonably comply?

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