Newsletter | May 15, 2019

05.15.19 -- How To Create The Next Generation Of E-Commerce

Retail Supply Chain Insights
5 Retail Trends For Improving The Customer Experience
Guest Column | By Fiona Honeyman, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

As consumers become more demanding thanks to the conveniences of online shopping, savvy retailers are making strides to replicate — or even surpass that experience — at physical locations. Retailers who make customer-centric decisions — investing in stores, technology, fulfillment, and customer service teams — will stand to profit.

Retail Supply Chain Outlook: Elevating The Consumer’s Shopping Experience
White Paper | Radial

Retail is going through a critical period of change as market dynamics shift and differentiation via service becomes the focus. This new Gartner research report identifies what this means for retail operations and other key findings.

How To Create The Next Generation Of E-Commerce
Guest Column | By Roland Gossage, GroupBy Inc.

Retailers are always on the lookout for the next technological trend that will win over shoppers and increase profit margins. It therefore comes as no surprise that recently we’ve seen several advances in checkout and last-mile fulfillment processes. However, most of these advancements focus on the last stage of the customer journey: conversion. With their focus on conversion, retailers are overlooking a stage that is just as important — the consideration stage.

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How Irish Petrol Forecourt Eradicated Cash-Handling Costs
Case Study | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Adapting to the new trends means new and existing customers will keep coming in using cash, card, or mobile payments for their purchases.

Katech Meets Evolving Customer Needs Across Multiple Channels With E-Commerce Solution
Case Study | TrueCommerce

Transitioning to multichannel was not easy, but the necessity to do business in multiple directions left Katech no other option. However, few solutions were a good match for the company’s ambitious program.