Newsletter | July 3, 2019

07.03.19 -- How To Master Synchronized Retailing With Advanced OMS

Retail Supply Chain Insights
How To Protect Brand Identity Through Channel Partners
Article | By John Meilahn, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

The indirect channel ecosystem is made up of many players, and these players have a different role in each of the verticals and tiers. Though our products often remain the same, it is our support and services that add the necessary value to the brand.

The Modern Supply Chain: Extraordinary Is The New Ordinary
Article | By Erin Harris

Erik Caldwell, SVP of supply chain and digital operations at Hudson’s Bay Company, talks making omni-channel fulfillment profitable, capacity concerns, and the A-word.

How To Master Synchronized Retailing With Advanced OMS
White Paper | Radial

There are many reasons why an advanced OMS system should be at the very top of a retailer’s priority list when making plans for upgrading or replacing legacy systems, especially if smoothly operating omni-channel operations are holding back growth and financial performance.

In Case You Missed It
Why Retail Needs A Web-Enabled Bar Code
Guest Column | By Carrie Wilkie, GS1 US

Consumers around the globe are scanning products using their smartphones to learn more about what they want to buy — or what they’ve just purchased. Some manufacturers have responded by adding QR codes and secondary bar codes on packages that connect consumers to more product information. Not only do these extra codes take up valuable label “real estate,” but they may not even contain standardized product identifiers like UPCs, causing confusion when scanning at point of sale checkout counters.

Leverage Data Analytics To Boost Cash Management Sales
Article | By Nick Markwell, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Cash loss is one of the biggest challenges faced by retailers, and most of it currently results from internal theft. But even without taking theft into account, cash management is time-consuming and expensive, boosting operating expenses for retailers. The time spent manually counting cash, conducting top offs, and lifts eats away at a retailer’s bottom line.