Newsletter | May 30, 2018

05.30.18 -- How Vendor Compliance Improves Supply Chain Performance

Featured Editorial
Cultivating A Culture Of Gender Harmony And Respect In Tech
Guest Column | By Jessica Rice, SHOP.COM

Reports show the gender gap has not decreased as studies confirm companies are struggling to retain female talent in tech roles and in general. That is not to mean women in technology do not exist; we are here, and you can still find examples of large companies supporting women and making a commitment toward inclusion that brings hope for a larger influence of change. It is more a matter of how that change is cultivated.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
How Volume-Reduction Packing Solutions Increases Productivity
White Paper | By ProShip, Inc.

With exponential increases in e-commerce orders, rising DIM weight charges, and supply chain labor shortages, shippers need to innovate the packing area.

How Michaels Reduced Costs And Improved Customer Satisfaction With Visual IVR
Case Study | By Radial

With Visual IVR, Michaels customers can choose to quickly navigate a visual-based menu optimized for smartphones, and then simply select options by touch versus listening to a list of options and interacting via voice. The result is a much faster, frictionless, and satisfying support experience that gives customers exactly the information they want—using the channel and device that they prefer.

How Vendor Compliance Improves Supply Chain Performance
A conversation with Compliance Networks' Greg Holder

Vendor compliance programs detect compliance problems and ultimately prevent them altogether, which has a critical impact on the supply chain. We connected with Greg Holder, CEO and founder of Compliance Networks, to learn more about how vendor compliance improves supply chain performance. Here's what he had to say.

In Case You Missed It
The Virtual Marketplace Is Changing The Age-Old Rules Of Commerce
Guest Column | By Blake Zalcberg, OFM

There is something almost quaint about the word "marketplace." It conjures up images of people hawking spices and fruit from busy stalls as pedestrians stroll past in a leisurely manner. Those days are almost entirely gone. Today's consumers typically aren't at a bazaar. Nor are they headed to a row of small shops on Main Street or driving out to the large suburban mall to window shop. Instead, an ever-increasing amount of the time, they are online.

Sure Sort Video Overview

Sure Sort is highly scalable, configurable, and ideal for small businesses looking for a cost-effective entry into warehouse automation. It is also a perfect fit for large fulfillment operations looking to make their processes more efficient. Learn how to fulfill orders faster and with less labor.

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