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06.13.18 -- Identifying And Solving Today's Supply Chain Challenges

No Elevators. No Conveyors. No Transfers.

Perfect Pick® HD stands for "high density" and provides twice the storage of a single Perfect Pick® aisle without sacrificing throughput for storage capacity. With this increased aisle density, customers have greater flexibility to slot items across their warehouse, eliminating zones and streamlining their process. Learn more.

Featured Editorial
A (Block)chain Reaction: Legislative Update On Blockchain-Related State Law
Guest Column | By Allisyn E. Monteleone, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

Historically, whenever new technologies — like the internet — begin to disrupt everyday life, the federal government may be slow to establish a regulatory scheme. The regulatory efforts surrounding blockchain technology are no different. Since Bitcoin's first appearances in national news, most of the federal regulatory debate has revolved around definitional questions, like whether cryptocurrencies should be defined as investment property (like stocks) or as currency. Now, new use cases for blockchain technology have come up in national news stories, teaching people that blockchain technology goes far beyond Bitcoin. As this understanding grows, so do the issues in the regulatory debate.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Unleashing The Profitability Of High-Risk Digital Gift Cards
White Paper | By Radial

The high fraud risks associated with digital gift cards has many merchants worried. But the good news is that with the right fraud management strategies and vigilance, retailers can tap into this lucrative market, while minimizing risk.

Confronting Logistics Challenges In An Omni-Channel Shopping Landscape
White Paper | By Zebra Technologies

A digital transformation is rippling through the retail supply chain, dictated by the moment-to-moment wants and whims of consumers forever changed by the internet's endless — and instant — buying possibilities. The result is a retail ecosystem in flux, and it is shaking the supply chain at its very core.

Robotic Goods-To-Person Picking Technology For Simplified Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment
Article | By OPEX Corporation

Perfect Pick's goods-to-person model allows businesses to do more with less by dramatically increasing productivity and efficiency, but with much fewer workers.

Boosting Cashier Etiquette With Cash Management Technology
Article | By APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Technology gets a bad rap for changing human interaction in unwelcome ways, so it's nice when you can point to an example of technology improving human contact.

Identifying And Solving Today's Supply Chain Challenges
A conversation with Andrew Cheung, Amber Road

Andrew Cheung, vice president of implementation at Amber Road, took time to speak with Retail Supply Chain Insights about the biggest issues facing supply chain executives today, avoiding shipping delays in your supply chain, and the value of shipment booking technology.

In Case You Missed It
GDPR Is Coming And Retailers Need To Get Ready
Guest Column | By John Barchie, Arrakis Consulting

In 2017, over 8.1 million citizens of European Union countries visited the U.S. as tourists. It is reasonable to believe that while they were in the country, most of these tourists probably made some purchases at U.S. retailers. Some might have even seen an item they liked and then waited until returning home to order it online. In the past these purchases would have been just another customer, but starting at the end of the month — under certain circumstances — they could put a retailer at risk for fines.

CVP Automated Packing Solution

By thinking "out-of-the-box," ProShip, Inc. has developed an innovative "into-the-box" solution for automated package fulfillment that will increase productivity while reducing labor costs. The CVP Automated Packaging Solution is a unique 3D volume reduction in-line autopacker that optimizes all steps of package fulfillment by creating fit-to-size boxes for variable dimension single or multi-item orders.

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