Newsletter | June 28, 2018

06.28.18 -- Keep Your Supply Chain Thriving

6 Ways To Reduce Warehouse Downtime

In today's just-in-time-shipping work environment, downtime and other productivity wasters must be minimized for a warehouse/DC company to survive. Here are six focus areas that can have the most significant impact on improving uptime and productivity.

3 Tips For Getting Reverse Logistics Right

Getting products out the door in a timely fashion isn't the biggest struggle e-commerce retailers face; it's dealing with the returns. Despite the high percentage of returns, the majority (nearly 68 percent) of all e-commerce fulfillment centers don't have a long-term reverse logistics strategy. With that in mind, here are some best practices every e-commerce retailer should include in its reverse logistics strategy.

The Brave New World Of Autonomous Transportation

The mere mention of autonomous transportation still evokes images from sci-fi movies for some people. However, the reality is that this concept is not pie-in-the-sky talk — it's really here. And it won't be long before it's mainstream. Here is just a small sample of the commercial autonomous transportation advancements we're seeing right now.

Why Retail Supply Chain Transformations Fail (And How You Can Beat The Odds)

There's no small list of retailers who are struggling to keep up with the Amazon effect, but a closer look at why some fail and others prevail, should give retailers who are willing to embrace change some hope. In fact, if your company follows these tips, it may beat the odds.