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KlickTrack Beta Offers Cannabis Businesses And Consumers An Elevated Retail Experience

Uniting Compliance, Flexibility and Intelligence, KlickTrack Looks to Partner with Cannabis Retailers to Refine Platform

Seattle, WA /PRNewswire/ - Cannabis retailers now can run their businesses on the KlickTrack cannabis database, a fully integrated retail ecosystem that unites a product and sales platform, compliance translator, and point of sale system. Built by cannabis retailers for cannabis retailers, the KlickTrack beta offers a synchronized ecosystem for cannabis management across the entire retail chain, tapping proven data intelligence to save retailers time and money.

With a revenue of over $5 billion in 2017, the demand for cannabis continues to grow exponentially. Despite this, development lags for inventory and customer management, with many retailers forced to rely on manual and resource-intensive solutions to address product, compliance and sales needs. Further, while brands have become the key differentiator of value in cannabis products today, sources for brand-specific information are fragmented and not tied directly to the supply chain. KlickTrack's complete ecosystem offers retailers the ability to run their business on a brand-specific product database and unite everything from incoming deliveries to sales completion and government reporting under one platform. Saving time and money, KlickTrack's streamlined solution provides all stakeholders - from managers to budtenders to consumers - with an automated, data-driven user experience.

"Today's cannabis retailers face an uphill battle when it comes to streamlining operations. Traditionally, they have had no choice but to cobble together individual solutions to address their product management, customer service and compliance needs, resulting in a fragmented and inefficient experience for consumers and retailers alike," said Steven Kessler, co-founder, KlickTrack. "KlickTrack is here to fix that. Our, real-life experience within the cannabis retail world led us to create a product that ends the bottlenecks and piecemeal inefficiencies specific to our industry."

KlickTrack empowers cannabis retailers to scale and elevate their business with customized workflows to boost sales volumes; intelligent reporting to increase margins; and multi-state government translators to ensure traceability and compliance. Driven by a customer-obsessed team of cannabis retail experts and software engineers, today's beta launch opens with participants in California and Washington State, including Bud's Garage, and is open for orders ahead of the upcoming full product launch.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Product Registry: Gives retailers ability to manage their business and offer products organized by brand. Empowers consumers to shop in the way that feels most familiar.
  • Proprietary Data Architecture: Reduces redundancies and enables retailers to uphold customer service on high traffic days.
  • Data Segmentation Tools: Provide insights unavailable from most point of sale systems, for instance, which store displays specifically drive sales or how product placement and location within a retail location can impact and optimize sales.
  • Guaranteed Compliance: Driven by real-time API, KlickTrack's compliant services tie into state regulatory systems to ensure traceability and use built-in validation to minimize the risk of fines and violations.
  • Intelligent Workflows and Reporting: Data-driven insights provide actionable analysis and business metrics.
  • KlickTrack Queue: Enables retailers to create orders at the register and on the floor that can be seamlessly fulfilled by the back office in real time.

Bud's Garage, a cannabis retailer out of Everett, WA, is one of the first retailers to join KlickTrack's beta program.

"We have tried countless products intended to solve retail problems and streamline across product management, point of sale and compliance, but these individual solutions are often costly and disjointed. KlickTrack is different," said Brian Bodge, Co-Owner, Bud's Garage.

"It's clear KlickTrack was built by a team who understands cannabis retailers and knows how to meet our needs."

Best known for launching Bainbridge Island, WA's Paper and Leaf, KlickTrack co-founders Steven Kessler and Brendan Hill aimed to create a product built by cannabis retailers to solve common problems faced across the country. KlickTrack's team boasts more than a decade of cannabis industry acumen, including Parham Farsi, a full stack senior solutions architect with experience at Harvard and Honeywell; Chris Cooley, KlickTrack's application architect and world-class developer, designer and problem solver; Carl Schoenleber, manager of general operations, analytics and optimization with previous positions held at and Expedia; and Sara Otepka, strategic product advisor with over a decade of product development and management experience at Amazon.

Cannabis retailers interested in joining KlickTrack's beta program can learn more at

About KlickTrack
Proudly built in Washington State, KlickTrack is a fully integrated retail ecosystem, which unites a product and sales platform, compliance translator, and point of sale system for the recreational and medical cannabis market. Developed out of first-hand cannabis industry experience, KlickTrack offers a synchronized ecosystem for cannabis management across the entire cannabis retail chain and integrations with LEAF, Biotrack THC, and Metrc states. KlickTrack was built by Paper and Leaf co-founders Steven Kessler and Brendan Hill, with the goal of providing an elevated user experience for cannabis retailers and customers alike. KlickTrack is currently available to download in the App Store.

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