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07.31.19 -- Omnichannel Offers Retailers A Way To Compete

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Omni-Channel Offers Retailers A Way To Compete
Article | By Nigel Ball, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

As retailers large and small contend with the disruptive force that is Amazon, they’re looking into various ways to deliver a unique omni-channel experience. The omni-channel combines physical stores with mobile apps, websites, and social media to create a consistent experience for customers as they switch between channels to interact with a retailer.

How 5G Will Revolutionize Retail Payments
Guest Column | By Steve Villegas, PPRO

Retail has increasingly become a mobile function to meet the needs of a constantly on-the-go consumer base, especially with the rise in popularity of mobile e-wallets. The introduction of 5G will only enhance innovations in retail technology and in turn, benefit the consumer. 

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A New Approach To Handling Cash: Cash-As-A-Service
Case Study | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Where there is a cash, there is a cost, and some of that is absorbed in the day-to-day running of a business. It is critical that brick-and-mortar stores have visibility into these activities to be successful. By investing in cash management technology, merchants can reduce any unnecessary costs that don’t contribute to the bottom line.

3 Ways To Turn Supply Chain Visibility Data Into Better Results
Guest Column | By Kirsten Newbold-Knipp, Convey

Due to the complexity of the modern supply chain, it’s more difficult than ever to see where your products are headed, and if there are obstacles along the way such as delays and damages, that may negatively impact customers. And as customer expectations for fast, free delivery grow, it’s a problem you must solve to have any chance of staying competitive.

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