E-Book | August 22, 2018

Outsmart eCommerce Giants To Win Online Shoppers in 2018: A Guide

Source: Radial
Outsmart eCommerce Giants To Win Online Shoppers in 2018: A Guide

The retail industry dominated headlines throughout 2017 as it underwent a period of significant transformation. From new channels for shopping to industry consolidation, and a string of store closings, the shopping experience has changed substantially from just five years ago.

Titans like Amazon and Walmart continue to keep things interesting by constantly outdoing one another with new and innovative offerings to appeal to consumers - so much so that independent brands are now tasked with meeting higher expectations…or else. This has led competing retailers to consider questions like: how do I migrate my brick-and-mortar strategy to eCommerce? Once online, how do I meet my customers’ rising expectations? By encouraging our customers to go online, am I opening them up to all of my competition? How do I maintain loyalty? How can I protect my own bottom line from rising costs of eCommerce fulfillment operations while meeting delivery expectations? And just as importantly, how do I ensure my customers are protected from cyber criminals who roam the internet?

In this eBook, we explore what more than 4,000 consumers across four different regions of the world - United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia - value in their online experience, where opportunity exists, and how brands and retailers can execute to ensure that they maintain a competitive position as the industry continues to rapidly transform.

Read on to learn what we discovered.

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