Newsletter | March 6, 2019

03.06.19 -- Retail Technology: Where Are The Investments Going?

Retail Supply Chain Insights
How Predictive Analytics Are Shaping Your Supply Chain
A conversation with Greg Holder, Traverse Systems

Greg Holder, CEO and cofounder, Compliance Networks, talks to about predictive analytics’ impact on the retail supply chain, as well as the seven most effective methods for developing and deploying a vendor compliance program.

How Poor Inventory Practices Alienate Customers And Cost Retailers Billions
White Paper | Radial

The changes in consumer behavior make store execution all the more important for brick-and-mortar retailers. Unfortunately, this is where many retailers drop the ball when it comes to being in stock on the items consumers are coming into the stores to buy.

Retail Technology: Where Are The Investments Going?
Article | By Brian Albright

Retail is rapidly being redefined. With the swift pace of disruption occurring right now, winning retailers are looking to outpace the competition and adopt strategies that position them for success as customer expectations and technology continue to evolve. The following key trends are shaping future strategies and tactics to survive, adapt, and win.

In Case You Missed It
Omni-Channel Plays Retailers Must Improve To Stay Competitive
Guest Column | By Chris Sheehan, Applause

Retailers not only need a strategy, but a means to continually evaluate, test, and refine their omni-channel experience across all channels. Here are the five key areas in which they can improve the omni-channel experience.

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