Newsletter | May 1, 2019

05.01.19 -- Retail's Reckoning: The Great Fragmentation

Retail Supply Chain Insights
How To Beat The Waiting-In-Checkout-Lines Blues
Article | By Judit Ruckes, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

For many shoppers, waiting at checkout lines any longer than five minutes is too long, according to a retail study by Adyen. Shoppers are looking for an experience that satisfies three fundamental demands: convenience, context, and control.

How To Handle Retail's Data Tsunami
Guest Column | By James D’Arezzo, Condusiv Technologies

It is well-understood now that retail is undergoing a sea change of magnitude as technology leads the way toward instant gratification for consumers – whether online or in-store. The problem is that the tsunami of data that retailers must process is threatening to swamp even the most well-funded and savvy retailers.

Retail’s Reckoning: The Great Fragmentation
Guest Column | By Michael Dart, A.T. Kearney

Americans are now living in the fragmented states of America, and the implications for retailers and brands are life-altering. Retailers will need to do even more to make themselves compelling and convenient to an increasingly diverse set of niches.

In Case You Missed It
Bridging The Gap Between Data And The UI
Guest Column | By Jon Vivers and Jessica Rice, SHOP.COM

Shoppers have become increasingly tech savvy and reliant upon their digital devices, and they seek efficiency, independence, and personalization when determining from which site they make their final purchases. While users are not interested in dealing with in-store sales associates, a good portion of shoppers like a personal touch that reflects their history with a brand and want product recommendations based on past purchases.

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