Newsletter | February 6, 2019

02.06.19 -- Retail's Supply Chain And The Marie Kondo Effect

Featured Editorial
Retail's Supply Chain And The Marie Kondo Effect
Guest Column | By Jenny Reese, Infor Retail

Retail is like a dinghy in the midst of a surging sea. Everything that goes on around it, from changing tides to tropical storms, can affect its movement, behavior, and ability to stay afloat. And this time, Marie Kondo is the one rocking the retail boat.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
A CFO's Guide To Transforming The Global Supply Chain
Article | Amber Road

As CFOs move beyond traditional accounting responsibilities to take on strategic roles in their organizations, many realize that they can do more to optimize their global supply chains. Spreadsheets, emails, and paper are no longer an effective way to gain control of today’s far-reaching supply chain.

Taking Digital Commerce From Idea To Doorstep
White Paper | Radial

Succeeding in today’s ever-changing digital commerce world requires mastering a complex mix of people, process, and technology innovations that must all work seamlessly together. Organizations face myriad of choices — from developing the right strategy to building a high-performing team and laying a solid foundation of the right technologies.

In Case You Missed It
Top 5 Takeaways From NRF 2019 Show
Guest Column | By Todd Krautkremer, Cradlepoint

Well, another National Retail Foundation (NRF) show is in the rear-view mirror, but this year’s confab of retailers and retail technology shined a bright light on the transformative road ahead. Here are just a few of my musing and perspectives from NRF 2019.

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