Newsletter | December 5, 2018

12.05.18 -- Stopped At The Border: Why Product Testing Matters

Featured Editorial
Retail’s Reckoning: The Great Fragmentation
Guest Column | By Michael Dart, A.T. Kearney

Americans are now living in the fragmented states of America, and the implications for retailers and brands are life-altering. Retailers will need to do even more to make themselves compelling and convenient to an increasingly diverse set of niches.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Better Together: Humans And Robots In The Warehouse
Article | By OPEX Corporation

It’s not hard to find headlines touting a “robots taking over the workplace” narrative. Before declaring a protest on all robots, however, it’s important to hear another perspective that doesn’t get as much press.

Beating Amazon In The E-Commerce Game
White Paper | By Radial

It’s time for retailers to reevaluate their strategies to determine specifically how — and if — Amazon factors into the equation and, if it does, whether it’s helping or hurting their business. Ultimately, the goal is to preserve their livelihood and longevity, and, most importantly, the relationships they have with their customers.

Stopped At The Border: Why Product Testing Matters
E-Book | By Amber Road

International trade is subject to various controls and regulations that need to be met to ensure goods are moved legally without complications. However, goods of all kinds sometimes never get past checkpoints for several reasons, causing massive delays and ripples across supply chains – hitting the bottom lines of businesses along the way.

In Case You Missed It
Gender Pay Equity In Retail: A Long Way To Go
Guest Column | By Natasha Lamb, Arjuna Capital

The Saturday Night Live “Gap Girls” skit spoofing a day in the life of retail workers was right on target then and, unfortunately, remains all too much on point now, two decades later. There have been some encouraging signs recently that the retail industry is moving ahead on gender pay equity, but there is still a long way for the sector to go.

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