News | July 2, 2018

Store Celebrations SaaS Platform Helps Retail Store Managers Coordinate Supplier Support For Celebrations In Their Stores

Bentonville, AR (PRWEB) - Store Celebrations has launched its patent pending technology platform and is excited to help retailers create more excitement in their stores. The platform allows store managers to search for available events and request those that meet their needs. Those events are created by suppliers and their agency partners, who after a store manager selects an event, executes that event in store.

Store Celebrations CEO Bill Sussman says, “For years now, brick and mortar retailers have been asking their supplier partners for help to create excitement in their stores to better compete with Ecommerce retailers. While suppliers would like to comply with that request, it has been too difficult, time consuming and costly for them to do so. Store Celebrations will change that dynamic and make it easy for both store managers to request help and for suppliers to plan and execute.”

On the platform when they create events, suppliers have the ability to manage their spending and maximize their ROI by setting parameters for which stores are eligible, outline display space needs, and set a monthly spending limit.

“The platform solves a real problem for retailers and their suppliers," says Turner Thompson, a Market Manager for Walmart. "Store managers do not have the time to call their supplier partners one at a time to request in-store events and other support. And supplier teams do not have the time to manage hundreds of individual requests that they receive from individual stores.”

According to Joe Mueller, Vice President (Walmart team) at Kellogg’s, "Walmart has identified the retailtainment platform as a critical growth driver for the foreseeable future and our teams spend a tremendous amount of time planning and executing events store by store, manager by manager. The Store Celebrations platform will help us realize significant productivity gains, allowing us to support events at far more stores each year."

Usage of the technology platform is free for retailers. Suppliers/Agencies pay to set up the event on and then a small activation fee for each event that is requested by the retailer.

Sussman says that the platform has widespread usage. “While initially we see Walmart suppliers being the first adopters, the application will be embraced by grocery and specialty retailers across the United States and Canada.”

Source: PRWeb

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