Newsletter | August 28, 2019

08.28.19 -- The Automated Warehouse: Making Space For Retail Robots

Retail Supply Chain Insights
How To Manage Chargebacks To Boost Profits
White Paper | Radial

Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality of a retail business and can be devastating to your bottom line. Read on for everything you need to know to streamline the entire chargeback process, including smart fraud management, reducing fraud, clear policies, and informed intelligence.

How Automation Substantially Reduces Retailers’ Cash Costs
Article | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

If there’s any doubt about the impact of cash management solutions on the cost structure of retailers, consider this recent finding by IHL Group: Replacing manual processes with automation technology can save retailers an average of 200 to 500 labor hours monthly per store.

The Automated Warehouse: Making Space For Retail Robots
  Guest Column | By Valentyn Kropov, SoftServe

As customer expectations shift ever closer to instant gratification, retailers must optimize more quickly than ever. While there is much to be said for automation within existing networks, systems, and applications, one of the most overhyped, underutilized automation efforts is robotics.

In Case You Missed It
5 Ways To Prevent Walkaways At Retail Stores
Article | By Emmanuel Wreh, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Long checkout lanes, disorganized shelves, and hard-to-find products lead to frustrated shoppers. And when customers get frustrated, they often give up on a store and walk out, especially if there’s no associate around to help them.