Webinar | May 7, 2018

The State Of IVRs In 2018 - Speech-Enabled IVRs Are Thriving

Source: Radial

Many organizations' customer service efforts have relied on interactive voice response (IVR) systems for decades, even as newer channels have emerged to expand customer self-service.

But IVRs have evolved well beyond their simple menu-based origins to incorporate new technologies that are incredibly well suited to modern smartphones and thus offer greater flexibility and efficiencies for serving customers.

During this on-demand webinar customer service experts from NICE, Nuance Communications, Convergys and Radial discuss:

  • why optimizing your IVR is more important than you think
  • how visualizing your IVR journeys can impact ROI and customer experience
  • how implementing visual IVR supports a growing customer base, drives brand experience, and provides better self-service
  • proven success metrics of visual IVR from the field, including NPS, containment rates, and AHT
  • how conversational customer care drives better, more personalized experiences
  • how to ensure the success of your conversational customer care deployment
  • the surprising results on the power of speech, from leading Fortune 250 companies
  • the role AI and predictive analytics will have on the future of the IVR