News | June 27, 2024

Tiptop Launches A New Way To Pay, With Instant Trade In At Checkout

San Francisco, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) - Tiptop today launches a trade-in program that allows you to trade in something you own when you buy something new - right at checkout. Tiptop makes everything more affordable by allowing trade in of unused items to reduce the cost of purchase.

Tiptop gives customers instant credit for their items and offers the largest trade in catalog available with over 50,000 items.

With Tiptop’s launch, you can now trade in almost anything you own to buy something new.

Tiptop’s industry leading features make it the best way to pay.

It appears right at checkout.
Trade in your item when you’re paying for something new. Right where you expect it.

You get instant credit for your trade in items.
No more waiting for your trade in credit. Get it when you check out.

It has buy now pay later built right in.
Tiptop’s Pay in 4 with zero interest option means incredibly low initial costs.

Shipping your trade-in is easier than ever.
Use a prepaid QR code, or even have an on-demand courier come pick their item up.

In addition to its benefits for consumers, Tiptop also improves checkout conversion rates for merchants and enables companies to accelerate their sales through an instant trade-in and payment flow with no risk.

Tiptop leverages advanced machine learning for a modeling and pricing engine that lets customers instantly pay with items they currently own using trade-in at checkout.

Tiptop’s early launch partners include dozens of merchants with Nothing Tech, Cradlewise, Backbone, Phonedaddy and King of Christmas available now. Try Tiptop at these retailers today.

According to Tiptop’s internal data, the average US household has $1,800 worth of consumer goods that match our catalog, enabling any merchant to access $280B in untapped US consumer spending power on every transaction.

One integration handles payments, trade ins, shipping, and logistics. Tiptop supports Shopify and direct integrations with most stores, with Bigcommerce, Adobe Magento, Salesforce and more ecommerce platforms coming soon.

About Tiptop
Tiptop co-founder and CEO Bastian Lehmann previously founded Postmates. Tiptop allows you to trade in something you own when you buy something new - right at checkout. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z), Sam Altman, Naval Ravikant, Gokul Rajaram, Scott Banister, Cyan Banister, Nabeel Hyatt, Dan Romero, Jude Gomila, Sean Plaice, Andy McLoughlin, Jeff Clavier, Vivek Patel and others. Tiptop is dedicated to innovating at the intersection of commerce and technology.

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