Newsletter | March 13, 2019

03.13.19 -- Urban Warehouses: The Key To Omni-Channel Success

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Why Omni-Channel Retailing Data Is An Art And Not Science
Article | Christopher Walton, entrepreneur

Retail is in a period of incredible adaptation, and the important question to answer is not what will happen; rather we need to know how the pie will get carved up. Or said another way, which retailers that we know today will survive for the long term? What new players will emerge? And what technologies will play the largest roles in determining how the pie ultimately gets carved up?

5 Retail Trends For Improving The Customer Experience In 2019
Article | By Fiona Honeyman, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

As consumers become more demanding thanks to the conveniences of online shopping, savvy retailers are making strides to replicate or even surpass that experience at physical locations. Retailers who make customer-centric decisions; investing in stores, technology, fulfillment, and customer service teams; will stand to profit.

Urban Warehouses: The Key To Omni-Channel Success
Guest Column | By Andrew Chung, Innovo Property Group

New, urban warehouses are the key to better serve today’s customers and enable retailers to keep up with the demands of the future.

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Retail Technology: Where Are Investments Going?
Article | By Brian Albright

Retail is rapidly being redefined. With the swift pace of disruption occurring right now, winning retailers are looking to outpace the competition and adopt strategies that position them for success as customer expectations and technology continue to evolve. The following key trends are shaping future strategies and tactics to survive, adapt, and win.

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