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11.14.18 -- Virtual Reality In Training Simulators Entices Generation Of Truckers For Advancing 'Amazon' Age

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RVCF Report: Fill Rate Challenges For Retail Trading Partners
Guest Column | By The Retail Value Chain Federation

The Retail Value Chain Federation has taken a high-level look at the current challenges faced by retailers and suppliers as they work toward their mutual goal of full fill rate of purchase orders. Here, we look at their survey, which sheds light on common obstacles and how to drive fill rate performance improvements.

Virtual Reality In Training Simulators Entices Generation Of Truckers For Advancing ‘Amazon’ Age
Guest Column | By John Kearney, Advanced Training Systems

Thanks to the growth of e-Commerce, companies spent a record $1.5 trillion on shipping costs in 2017. Retailers and manufacturers credit the ‘Amazon Age’ for the struggle to keep goods moving to consumers — a struggle compounded by the critical shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. Fortunately, there is a virtual light at the end of the tunnel for freight delivery.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
How One Apparel Retailer Gained Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility
Case Study | By Amber Road

This leading retailer of casual apparel for men, women, and children operates over 1,000 stores in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Italy, and the U.K. Merchandise is shipped to these stores by air and sea freight from three distribution centers. The company lacked visibility into its supply chain using its homegrown system of spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls with international business units and over 30 trading partners. This then is about how a supply chain visibility solution streamlined the retailer's entire supply chain.

In Case You Missed It
Retail Technology: Where Are Investments Going?
Article | By Brian Brunk, BRP

Retail is rapidly being redefined. With the swift pace of disruption occurring right now, winning retailers are looking to outpace the competition and adopt strategies that position them for success as customer expectations and technology continue to evolve. The following key trends are shaping future strategies and tactics to survive, adapt, and win.

A New Methodology To Help Retailers Improve Inventory Decisions
Guest Column | By Amr Farahat, Washington University in St. Louis

If retailers supply more product than there is demand for, they are left with excess inventory, which ties up capital and leads to obsolescence. Too little supply results in lost sales and weakens customer retention.

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