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06.27.18 -- Why It's Time To Embrace The Triple Bottom Line

No Elevators. No Conveyors. No Transfers.

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Featured Editorial
Why It's Time To Embrace The Triple Bottom Line
Guest Column | By Jake Gentry, Point B

Today, a growing number of customers, shareholders, and employees want to buy from, invest in, and work for companies that instill social and environmental responsibility into every aspect of their products and services, as well as generate a measurable positive impact. In this light, business decisions that are singularly focused on financial gains leave substantial social and environmental value on the table. They also introduce the multi-faceted risks of inaction.

Retail Supply Chain Insights
Top 5 Reasons For Chargebacks And When To Dispute Them
White Paper | Radial

Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality of running a retail business, and they can be devastating to your bottom line. When you consider that 63 percent of chargebacks are due to fraud, developing a comprehensive strategy for managing them is critical for success.

How Retailers Can Overcome Omni-Channel Supply Chain Challenges
A conversation with Greg Holder of Compliance Networks

Retailers face daunting and complex challenges with regard to their omni-channel supply chains. There are countless reasons why retailers can't go it alone. Compliance Networks' Greg Holder spoke with Retail Supply Chain Insights about how to overcome the challenges facing omni-channel supply chains and vendor compliance optimization programs.

Easing The Fear Of Private Brand Development For Consumer Goods Retailers
E-Book | By Amber Road

Retailers are now looking to introduce, or increase, private brand products in their stores as PLB reputations grow. However, maintaining equal (or even higher) standards of value and quality is the key to a successful product launch.

Protecting Manufacturer Brand Identity Through Channel Partners
Article | By John Meilahn, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

APG Cash Drawer, like many other manufacturers, relies on the indirect sales channel to get our products and solutions into the hands of our end-user customers. This involves working with distributors, POS resellers, OEMs, and software developers to ensure our products and services deliver maximum value.

In Case You Missed It
Cultivating A Culture Of Gender Harmony And Respect In Tech
Guest Column | By Jessica Rice, SHOP.COM

Reports show the gender gap has not decreased as studies confirm companies are struggling to retain female talent in tech roles and in general. That is not to mean women in technology do not exist; we are here, and you can still find examples of large companies supporting women and making a commitment toward inclusion that brings hope for a larger influence of change. It is more a matter of how that change is cultivated.

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