Newsletter | September 25, 2019

09.25.19 -- Why Retailers Should Embrace New Supply Chain Technologies

Retail Supply Chain Insights
How Irish Petrol Forecourt Eradicated Cash-Handling Costs
Case Study | APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Adapting to the new trends means new and existing customers will keep coming in using cash, card, or mobile payments for their purchases.

Retailers Identify Keys To Successful Retail Delivery
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Consumer preferences are constantly evolving. As a result, retail delivery professionals are adopting technologies and best practices that support a seamless, streamlined experience at every customer touchpoint in the supply chain.

Why Retailers Should Embrace New Supply Chain Technologies
  Guest Column | By Tony Sinton, Netstock

The workplace of today faces significant disruption and begs the question — what should businesses be doing to embrace these changes? It's not so much that technology is the disruptor, it's when companies are not 'people-centric' that is the biggest threat to any business.

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How Poor Inventory Practices Alienate Customers And Cost Retailers Billions
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The changes in consumer behavior make store execution all the more important for brick-and-mortar retailers. Unfortunately, this is where many retailers drop the ball when it comes to being in stock on the items consumers are coming into the stores to buy.