News | September 25, 2019

Buddi Launches Click & Collect And Online Menu Services For Canadian Cannabis Retailers

Vancouver, BC /CNW/ - Buddi, the Canadian leader in cannabis retail technology solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Online Menus and Click & Collect services across Canada. The services are now available for all compliant provinces, such as Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

"In addition to our in-store kiosk and education solutions, our retail partners wanted to find a way to connect with customers when they weren't in-store, and allow them to see available products and order ahead." - Ryan Lalonde, CEO of Buddi

The online menus can be embedded within any website so that retailers can communicate directly with their customers without them going to marketplace sites which display competitors. The system integrates with leading cannabis POS systems, such as Greenline, Cova, 365Cannabis, Shopify, and Profitek.

Although Provinces differ on their regulations about online menus or click & collect services, Buddi has developed several kinds of age-gating tools that meet the standards of all eligible provinces. Payments are always made in-store to ensure compliance.

Companies like PlantLife, with twelve licensed locations in Alberta already, are jumping at the opportunity.

"With the continued growth and evolution in the Cannabis industry, Buddi is a company that is truly leading the way. We are incredibly excited to be a partner in the launch of their online menus and click and collect services." - Ian Scott, Operations Manager, Plantlife

With cannabis edibles, topicals, and extracts coming onto the Canadian market in December 2019, Buddi is focused on ways to help streamline the shopping process to make it easier for consumers to choose the right product, and for retailers to streamline fulfillment, and deliver product information in a coherent and easy-to-navigate resource.

"Cannabis 2.0 is going to be a challenge for retailers. SKU-counts are going to double from an average of 150 to over 300 pretty quickly. Our kiosk and online menus make it easier to deliver that large volume of information, which TV menus aren't well suited for. Customers can quickly navigate to what they want, then order so that the retailer can focus their resources on the fulfillment process."

Buddi's full suite of cannabis retailer technologies include in-store interactive tablet menus, ordering kiosks, and education systems, in addition to the new online menu and click & collect services. Buddi also offers marketing and data technology solutions for licensed producers.

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