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How CMS Drives Traffic And Improves The Retail Experience


A Celerant Technology Corp. White Paper

A CMS For Retail

At its most basic level, a content management system gives site operators the ability to manage the posting of news, images, video and other online content. For retailers, the content control afforded by a CMS supports the tactical agility necessary to move merchandise via promotions and sales, meet the needs of information-hungry consumers, and manage day-to-day outreach to a consumer base via the site and social media integration. This is to say nothing of the underlying SEO benefits, which we’ll discuss herein. That said, the choice and implementation of a CMS is fraught with opportunities for failure. Some key up-front considerations include:

  • How intuitive to use and well organized the interface is. The CMS should be designed for use by merchandisers or content managers with little-to-no reliance on IT or vendor personnel.
  • How the system handles rules for editing and approving content. Be sure to choose a system that provides restricted access for edits and an additional layer of security for approvals.
  • Knowing before deployment what can be modified in your CMS and what can’t. A CMS does not, and should not, enable modification of any more of the site than is strategically or tactically necessary.

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