Article | November 14, 2017

How Retailers Can Prepare To Work With Large Suppliers

Source: SPS Commerce

By Scott Bolduc, SPS Commerce

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Retailers who want to work with large suppliers like Nike, Adidas, or other international brands may have their work cut out for them before they even get started. For one thing, retailers of almost any size may find they’re the ones being told what to do to a degree.

While big box retailers may call the shots for suppliers, and the suppliers have to follow the rules if they want to be a part of that retailer’s ecosystem, the running shoe is entirely on the other foot when a retailer wants to carry a brand like Nike in their stores.

So how can retailers prepare for that kind of relationship?

The retailer basically needs to have all their ducks in a row so it’s enticing and very easy for Nike — or any major global brand — to slot the retailer into their system.