Article | May 2, 2018

How Shipping Software Goes Beyond The Box

Source: ProShip, Inc.
Holiday Shipping

Online shopping convenience demands customer satisfaction through the very last mile

Shipping isn’t just about getting a package to a customer’s front steps anymore, and companies are not only investing in their shipping strategy because it saves them money - it goes beyond the box.

With parcel growth on the rise from 17% to 28% annually through 2021, e-commerce companies are trying to find ways to rev up their shipping processes, improve cart conversion and make their customers advocates. Why? Because chances are your customers already love the products you have, so it’s vital to give them the experiences that keep them coming back. If you don’t, you subject yourself to a disloyal customer base that looks to your competition for those experiences.

Check out the below infographic to see how shipping plays a role in customer satisfaction and how shipping software goes beyond the box to create the experiences that today’s consumers expect and value.