Magazine Article | November 28, 2016

In Store Operations | 2017 IRT Retailer Innovation Awards

Our inaugural Retailer Innovation Award recipients aren’t just doing something new, they’re reaping the business reward for the execution of their innovation. Award winners were recognized in six critical areas of business transformation —omni-channel retailing, customer engagement, in-store operations, WFM/HCM, loss prevention, and supply chain/fulfillment.

The winners and finalists we recognized this year are addressing the incredibly complex problems retailers face today, and they represent some of the brightest minds and boldest leaders who are solving those problems through innovation.

On behalf of the team at Innovative Retail Technologies, congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Retailer Innovation Awards.  We’re inspired by your success, and we know our subscribers will be, too.


Winners L’Oréal USA

L'Oré al USA

Project Leads: Antoine Bourgeois, AVP Digital IT – Retail Applications; Mike Pompignano, AVP – Retail Information Technology; Marc- Alexandre Risch, Chief Retail Officer, L’Oreal USA

L’Oréal USA is leading the way toward omni-channel, mobility, and EMV adoption in the luxury segment, as evidenced by its deployment of Cegid for mobile POS and omni-channel, KIBO omni-channel order management, Adyen payment processing, and VeriFone payment hardware. The integrated omni-channel and mobility solution will be rolled out in some 200 North American stores across the company’s Kiehl’s, NYX, Urban Decay, Carol’s Daughter and L’Oré al Outlet brands.

This complete solution empowers sales associates to deliver a more personalized and impactful customer shopping experience, driving increased customer satisfaction and sales while reducing the risk of credit card fraud.

The Cegid mobile POS application allows sales associates to roam throughout the store, no longer tethered to the cash wrap. This greatly increases the time those associates spend engaging customers and allows that engagement to occur on the customer’s terms. Mobility provides more opportunity to build relationships and provide value-added services to the customer, therefore driving additional and increased sales through cross-sell, upsell, and reduced wait times.

The POS solution provides sales associates with real-time cataloguing, inventory, customer, and loyalty information, making it easier for a them to deliver a more relevant and personalized service to the customers on the floor and further prompting more cross-sell and upsell revenue. Because Cegid allows sales to be performed on the floor and away from the cash-wrap, the lines in stores are minimized and the potential for customers to walk away is reduced.

Finally, because L’Oré al is deploying Cegid’s mobile POS integrated with VeriFone’s EMV-enabled payment hardware and Adyen’s EMV payment processing capability, the merchant’s mobility tool set is highly secure and reduces risk of exposure to credit card fraud.



FinalistsFive Below

Project Lead: Gregg Smith, Sr. Director, Asset Protection, Five Below

When store growth prompted the advent of Five Below’s first LP department, its search for a fraud detection solution led it to 20/20 Retail from Agilence. The tool has proven valuable outside the scope of LP alone, as managers are now able to monitor both top performers and potential offenders and reward or remediate as appropriate.

FinalistsJohnston & Murphy

Project Lead: Danny Ewoldsen, Executive Vice President of Retail and eCommerce, Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy is using technology to buck traditional scheduling methods and offer an enhanced, sales-improving in-store experience. Its analysis of in-store traffic data provided by ShopperTrak’s People Counting & Conversion solution helped it achieve a sustained 10 percent increase in conversion larger average transactions.

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