From The Editor | August 2, 2017

Introducing The Retail Solutions Network


We’re proud to introduce The Retail Solutions Network, a collection of robust, data-rich resources designed to help retailers become an indispensable part of their customers’ lives by delivering the personal experiences that constantly exceed expectations. Comprised of print and digital media, The Retail Solutions Network aids every member of the retail enterprise from the corner office to the store floor.

Print Media
Retail Executive magazine, which launches later this month, is the trusted advisor to top retail executives from the industry’s most profitable retailers. We help retail executives succeed in their job role and grow their business via exclusive, actionable, peer-driven content. We do this by being the only industry resource to finally fuse business strategy, leadership, and innovation with customer experience, value, and delight. By supporting them to make lasting improvements to their performance, we help retail executives scale their contribution to their organization and their customers. Visit us online at

Digital Media
In addition to Retail Executive magazine, we’ve launched our Insights portals, four separate and distinct online resources broken down by retail job function. Each of our Insights portals delivers peer-driven, timely, and actionable content about the topics and trends that matter most to your role in retail. is the premier business strategy resource for line of business retail supply chain professionals. The exclusive content we produce helps retail supply chain professionals stay abreast of the current topics, trends, and technologies that enable a nimble, effective supply chain. helps retail operations professionals deliver excellence in customer service, store operations, and technology optimization. Procured from accomplished retail industry leaders, our exclusive content actionably covers employee management, cost management, inventory analysis, merchandising, and more. Our purpose is to help operations professionals develop a concise customer engagement strategy that effectively influences shopper behavior.’s mission is to help LP professionals develop the policies and procedures necessary to protect their brand, people, profits, and customers from the latest physical and cyber threats. is designed to inform and advise the burgeoning retail IT community on the timely topics impacting IT and how IT can solve today’s challenges by taking advantage of retail’s biggest opportunities.

Bookmark our Insights site or sites that make the most sense for you, and tell your colleagues about us. And, we want to hear from you, so email me directly at with questions or comments about The Retail Solutions Network.