News | March 16, 2023

Inwindow Outdoor Partners With Bacardi And OMG To Launch Innovative New Outdoor Retail Advertising Product

Inwindow Paint Delivers Unique Brand Experiences Featuring Storefront Murals, Local Artists, and Digital Engagement Technology

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Inwindow Outdoor, an outdoor advertising agency providing interactive brand experiences on retail storefronts around the country, announced today the launch of Inwindow Paint. Inwindow Paint delivers bespoke, branded murals on eye-level retail space, creating a dramatic interpretive canvas that features the location's unique elements, local artists, and digital outdoor engagement technology.

Inwindow, a multi-award-winning firm that invented the concept of using storefronts as a large-format out-of-home advertising medium, is partnering with Bacardí and OMG to launch the first outdoor advertising campaign featuring the new Inwindow Paint medium. Promoting Bacardí Reserva Ocho, the first Inwindow Paint murals debut this month in San Diego, CA and Miami, FL. The campaign showcases the unique artistic styles of local artists Gregory Siff and Rey Jaffet and delivers unforgettable local street art featuring the Bacardí brand. Inwindow worked directly with Bacardí and OMG to select the best locations and artists to take part in the campaign.

"We are proud to work with two of the most creative brands in the business, and two amazing street artists from Miami and San Diego, as we launch the first outdoor marketing campaign featuring our new Inwindow Paint product," said Jeff Cohen, co-founder and CEO, Inwindow. "We can't wait to see where this new medium goes next. And we look forward to engaging with artists around the country who might shy away from commercial work, but are eager to take on the challenge of using retail storefronts as their next canvas."

Inwindow Paint works with digital as well as mural artists, combining new technology with old to deliver engaging outdoor advertising experiences. Featuring retail storefronts as their canvas, typically large, ground level, high-traffic locations, the company integrates digital artistry behind the retail windows, building an in-depth experience unique to each location, delivering endless creative possibilities. Digital engagement technology that can be incorporated in Inwindow Paint murals includes LED's, seamless projection, AR, camera feeds, photo capture, facial recognition, facial morphing, motion tracking, and gesture technology.

"This is a special new medium for brands looking to create unique brand experiences for their customers," said Cohen. "Most digital and print ads are created on a computer screen, but through the Inwindow Paint product, clients can work with local artists to create one-of-kind works of art that are truly an original interpretation of the brand. This type of creative collaboration delivers an exciting new creative fusion, between art and commerce, and high-tech and original artistry."

About Inwindow Outdoor
Since 2002, Inwindow Outdoor has served as the premiere provider of vacant storefronts as an out-of-home advertising opportunity. The company's outdoor advertising campaigns feature interactive consumer experiences combining digital and print advertising on retail storefronts. Inwindow Outdoor's innovative Storescapes™ are billboard-sized ads at ground level, delivering face-to-face interactions with thousands of consumers around the country, every day.

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