Case Study

Irish Petrol Forecourt Eradicates Cash Handling Costs

Source: apgĀ®

In the past a petrol station was all about fuel but with BP reporting half of its customers in the UK and Ireland are stopping for food not fuel and the recent introduction of electric charging stations and lockers for online pickup, it is clear consumers increasing demand for convenience is changing the sector. Adapting to the new trends, means new and existing customers will keep coming in using cash, card or mobile payments for their purchases.

For the Daybreak petrol station and convenience store in Westmeath, Ireland, the adaptation has already begun. Because of the increase in customer volumes, Daybreak was spending too much time topping up cash drawers, completing cash counts and figuring out discrepancies, so the storeowners decided it was time to look for a cash management solution.

Daybreak’s management turned to their POS provider of 10 years, Station Master, for help. Station Master, a leading ePOS provider to convenience stores and petrol forecourts, was in the process of integrating APG Cash Drawer’s SMARTtill Intelligent Cash Drawer into its SmartPOS platform. Once they heard about the SMARTtill Technology’s capabilities, the storeowners said they’d like to deploy it as soon as possible. “We need this,” Sarah Orme a company director and day-to-day store manager, told the provider.

Daybreak is located just outside rural Delvin in county Westmeath. The store opened in 2006 and currently employs 13 people. Managing cash had become a vexing challenge. “It was difficult to pinpoint the exact time that discrepancies were made,” says Orme. “Often it would be the following day before the problem could be rectified because staff had gone home. It was time-consuming to try and find the time the error was made.”

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