Article | April 16, 2019

Omnichannel Offers Retailers A Way To Compete

Source: apgĀ®

By Nigel Ball, APG Cash Drawer

Omni-Channel Retailing Practices

As retailers large and small contend with the disruptive force that is Amazon, they’re looking into various ways to deliver a unique omnichannel experience. The omnichannel combines physical stores with mobile apps, websites and social media to create a consistent experience for customers as they switch between channels to interact with a retailer.

Serious technology investments are necessary for the omnichannel to work. If a customer browses for an item with a mobile app and places it in the cart, they expect to see the item still in the cart when they log on with a desktop later to finish the transaction. If they can’t get it online, they place the order, and go to the store to pick up without having to wait in a queue. Customers want their packages, and they want them now. Therein also lies a great opportunity for brick and mortar retail to build the in-store experience with customers, while strengthening fulfillment, stock and omnichannel technologies.

Amazon is Making Retail Stronger

Today there’s an immediacy that customers are looking for along with convenience. Retailers recognize that simply trying to match Amazon’s free two-day delivery isn’t enough. A recent study by Ayden confirms that shoppers still prefer to make purchases at brick-and-mortar stores if given the chance. 64% of people enjoy browsing and 75% believe it is important to touch, feel and try on the merchandise.

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