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Packaging - A Magic Ingredient?

Source: More from Less
Packaging - A Magic Ingredient?

Is packaging the magic ingredient in your global supply chain?

It certainly has the power to make or break your global operations.

let’s set the scene

It’s Autumn 2017 and we browse and consume in an environment which is governed by the exquisite presentation of brand, increasingly complex methods of delivery and a life dominated by choice and convenience.

Retailers are investing millions in packaging innovation teams, rigid compliance processes and IT systems to deliver graphic and structural excellence. The supplier base is motivated to ensure that the goods they supply are measured holistically to meet the highest standards in ethical supply, supply chain efficiency across all channels to market and impact on the environment.

Data has become critical to every retailer and brand in monitoring the time critical demands on their supply chain, the waste they create and are legally required to report to governments; it also provides the transparency demanded by today’s more discerning and ethically motivated consumers.