Perfect Pick® HD Is High Density. High Throughput.

Source: OPEX Corporation

Perfect Pick® HD

A unique, robotic, goods-to-person order picking technology for warehouses and distribution centers.

Perfect Pick HD is a standalone point solution — an aisle that is comprised of modular, high-density racking that stores custom totes on each side — two deep.

Unique in the industry, Perfect Pick HD’s Connect & Collect™ feature makes access to inventory simple and quick. As a double-ended system, Perfect Pick HD can vastly improve pick rates with an operator filling orders from each pick station.

Replenishment or restocking inventory on Perfect Pick HD can be accomplished while orders are being picked, providing increased labor productivity and improved inventory accuracy. Coupled with OPEX’s over-height detect, jams due to overflowing totes are virtually eliminated at the point of replenishment.