CVP Automated Packing Solution

Source: ProShip, Inc.

ProShip CVP-500

By thinking “out-of-the-box,” we developed the best “into-the-box” solution for automated package fulfillment. The CVP-500 is a unique, fit-to-size packing system that automates and optimizes all steps of package fulfillment for single and multi item orders with variable dimensions. As soon as the order has been picked, this automated fulfillment system builds, fills, folds and labels each parcel in one seamless process.

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The filling, packing and processing of high volumes of parcels is a labor-intensive process. Not anymore. The CVP-500 makes fulfillment faster, more reliable and more efficient than ever before for businesses of all types and sizes in industries including: retail and e-commerce, third party logistics (3PL) and fulfillment, and B2B manufacturing, distribution and wholesale.


  • Cardboard feeder:
    2,300 ft. of continuous feed cardboard from one pallet. Changing feeders takes two minutes.
  • 3D item scanner:
    The dimensions of each order are measured electronically to help determine the size of the box needed.
  • Tape unit:
    Every box is taped using 50mm tape, making it easy to open and re-use for customer returns.
  • Order input & scanner:
    Every seven seconds an operator places an item on the CVP-500. Single and multiple items are possible with no limitation in shape.
  • Fit-to-size box creation:
    Every item is packaged in a custom fit-to-size box that eliminates unnecessary volume and void fill.
  • Print and apply label:
    A carrier compliant shipping label is printed and applied to every box.

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