Magazine Article | April 19, 2017

Reimagining Retail Brick By Click

With the ever-increasing impact of digital channels on consumer behavior, retailers need better tools and approaches to remain competitive.

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have a massive trump card in their physical locations — one that can be a substantial competitive advantage if retailers can deliver the desired retail experience. However, with foot traffic in U.S. retail stores dropping by more than 9 percent annually over the past several years, the challenge for retailers is in creating meaningful instore retail experiences that translate to higher customer conversion rates, no matter the channel. In fact, depending on the product category, most consumers still prefer a direct or physical interaction with a product. Even for product categories like electronics, computers, and appliances that are typically researched online, many on today’s retail associates. According to shoppers, one of the leading contributions to a more engaging instore experience begins by interacting with sales associates with comprehensive product knowledge and the ability to access accurate inventory information in real time.